Networks create flexibility.
And flexibility leads to added value.

A comprehensive capital overview is made up not only of securities but also of real estate, shareholdings or works of art. In other words, everything that contributes towards the retention of value and the expansion of a client’s total assets.

Where required, we cooperate with highly qualified professionals whose expertise in their own fields is unrivalled. This flexible network includes brokers, analysts, economists, international property consultants, gallery owners and many more. Also in the area of Tax Advice, a service we do not provide and which is entirely the responsibility of the client through their individual Tax Advisor, we are able to put the client in touch with highly qualified specialists in that field if so desired. 

All are as committed as we are and, as such, always dedicated to having our clients’ best interests at heart. In turn, providing greater quality reflected not in higher costs but rather in increased security.

VT Wealth Management AG is not a custodian. Instead, cooperation agreements are in place with banks which satisfy our high standards.

Of course we are happy to work with any custodian bank with whom our clients may have a long standing relationship, regardless of whether this bank is based in Switzerland or abroad.